Matrimony Agarwals Jaipur

The prime objectives of this portal is to unite the Agarwal Community, to protect their interest in the society and support in the FIELD OF MATRIMONY - FREE OF COST. This portal shares biodata of the boys and girls in whole of the Agarwal / Vaishaya Samaj in line with the teachings of Maharaja Agrsen ji.

The Portal is devoted to provide support in the development of and uniting all the Agarwals of the India into a unified whole as a community in the field of the Matrimony.

This Management committee in its digital online format brings the platform for the people or group of people using internet quite frequently and think they are still disconnected to their own community in a wide spectrum to get a suitable match for their son/daughter . As sitting in a room cannot build one’s relationships beyond a certain limit, where as in the outer world there are many people who want to connect with you, want to talk to you and finally expects to meet you in person for making the Matrimonial relationship.

Our Mission is ,To pool the bridge between various people of Agrawal / Vaishya Samaj residing at different locations can get a good suitable match / partner for their son/ daughter and able to help others to get a suitable match without paying any cost.

This Management is exclusively for the Agrawal Peoples spread all over the india to get a suitable match say IAS / IPS / ENGINEERS / DOCTORS / INDUSTRIALIST / PROFESSIONALS / CHARTED ACCOUNTANTS as per their choice through searching in this portal.


The idea of this portal has came to mind after the successful of Matrimony Agarwal MNS JP WhatsApp Group. In a short span of 45 days the group members became 234 and posting of the biodatas reach to approximate more than 500. The limitation of this Whastapp group could not full fill our need of Matrimony. The matter was discussed by the Management committee comprising Management professionals, IT experts, marketing experts and financial experts. After lot of discussion the committee decided to design a portal and donate it to Agarwal / Vaishya society in which services will be rendered FREE OF COST.

Management Committee

Ramesh Bansal

Managing Director


Dinesh Agarwal

Director Publicity

(M/S Vikalp Advertising Jaipur)

Satish Bansal

Director IT


Mudit Agarwal

Director Support

(Diploma PD-CAP)

Saurabh Bansal

Director Finance

(M/S Money Bizz Consultants Jaipur)